Moomin Storm Coffee Tin Jar – Martinex
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Moomin Storm Coffee Tin Jar – Martinex


An atmospheric coffee tin with a charming, detail-rich Moomin design. Tightly closing hermetic lid with a metal hinge.

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It is storming in Moominvalley! The wind howls strong, making the grass and the trees bend double by its force. The leaves have begun a fierce dance as the wind keeps sweeping through the landscape. As the stars and the moon make their entrance to the dark skies, the Moomins come out to admire the relentless storm. Moominpappa has taken the precaution of tying his hat down. Moomintroll is struggling with the blanket as the storm threatens to sweep Snorkmaiden, Moominmamma and Little My off their feet. But the Moominhouse spreads its warmth as it casts light through its windows to the yard. As the Moomins are not far from the house, they can find refuge from the storm at will. Inside, they’ll gather by the fireplace and enjoy the cosy warmth and each other’s company as they listen to the storm that they left howling outside.

The tin jar provides lovely storage for one 500 g bag of ground coffee. The plastic seal edges make the lid hermetic and the metallic hinge keeps the lid with the jar at all times. The jar is washed by hand and should be dried carefully. The tin makes a lovely, special Moomin addition to the kitchen and it is easily combined with other items in the Moomin Storm collection.



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Dimensions 22 × 25 × 12 cm


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